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Alas the final gong just rung, and reality has dealt its final blow not only reviving me, but shattering whatever conception i had that i was still a kid. I wouldn’t say i didn’t see this coming but it still surprises. It starts gradually you see, coaxing you slowly until finally it snaps shut, and its too late. Turning 16 at first, leaving high school a senior and inheriting certain responsibilities, it may be strange to you but it doesn’t take time for you to get a hang of things, you get all pumped up with adrenaline, and before you know it two years go by and your 18 more chores and responsibilities add up, at this stage we become more aware of our surroundings, and who we are as a person our views on society, politics, sports, science, and we create our own lifestyle choices. It doesn’t sound like…

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